Special accomplishments

1970 Burnsville High School Community Scholarship winner



 Fulbright Scholarship Program USA, candidate

("German literature")



"superior-level" results in the Modern Languages Association (MLA) German exam.













Doblinger Music Publisher Vienna, wrote and published (in German and English) – "The Finger-Picking Book" music method book  

„The Finger-Picking Book“ Lehrbuch


Vorarlberg Musik-Konservatorium - 'Music Pedagogy Degree'   Major: classical guitar. Bregenz, Austria

Colorado Mountain College - instructor for German language, jazz history, guitar

Colorado State University, Music Department -

instructor for classical guitar, jazz combos










Successful International School teaching (German, English, music): Manila, Prague, Lugano, Potsdam, Leipzig

Successful completion of the Oxford University

(Chapterhouse) "Proofreading and Copy-Editing Seminar“

www.RonningTranslation.com - successful language-service agency with team of translators, proofreaders, copy-editors


2017-   ACADEMIC WRITING SEMINAR - Instructor,

2018     Univeristy of Hall, Germany



Notable Translations

8 fabulous reasons to use RonningTranslation

  1. Experience:  We offer a broad pallet of professional and wordly experience  that encompasses diverse fields: from various scientific and technical disciplines to philosophy, history and economics,  from world travel and geography to language, pedagogy, culture, literature, art and music.  We are thus able to draw upon these life experiences to generate a text that is able to provide – parallel to the manifest demands of appropriate vocabulary and grammar – the requisite depth and breadth of its message.
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