English/German language courses

Business, Finance, IT, Engineering, Scientific or General

Language Courses for  Business, Finance, IT, Engineering, Scientific or General we offer only in Saxony. Paul Ronning and his team have experience in:

  • Environmental Research Center (Helmholtz Institute) – Provide group lessons for scientists/researchers/PhD students on site. Scientific English, grammar, conversation, presentations, translations, procedures, role-play, etc
  • VAXXINOVA, Bio-City Leipzig – Provide group lessons for laboratory English, vaccine-related analysis and discussion, reading comprehension, lab visits with presentations regarding projects/materials/vaccines, translations, role-play, etc.
  • MFPA (TÜV) – Provide engineering vocabulary including materials, properties, chemical reactions, fire prevention, conversations, presentations, translations, projects, reports, procedures, grammar, role-play, etc
  • University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig (HTWK) – Provide instruction for Business Administration English including presentations, micro-economics, macro-economics, economic history, professions, production, currencies, inflation, conversation, grammar, current events, etc; provide instruction for Engineering English including materials, properties, procedures, professions, discussion, listening exercises, grammar, etc
  • University of Leipzig – instructor for Academic Writing, English Conversation course
  • University of Halle - Seminar docent for thesis (M.A., PhD) Writing Course: content, context, style, grammar, etc
  • Funk-Zander und Partner (FZP) – IT Software Firm. Group lessons with presentations, history of computers, discussion, conversation, project development, algorithms, professions, reading comprehension, grammar, etc
  • International Schools – Prague, Manila, TASIS Lugano, Potsdam, Leipzig: I.B., IGCSE, AP Level German, English and Music instruction.

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